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Self Portrait 2018
New and updated self portrait, done in a similar style to this old piece:  Self Portrait 2010 by noeinan

Instead of practicing soft shading, I mostly just used a cutout filter and then edited the shapes to make them more appealing. Done from my favorite selfie of last year. 
Character Generator Screen
I made a randomized character generation sheet for tabletop gaming a while back and some folks got in contact with me saying they'd made a program out of it to help streamline the process. (Avoid having to roll so many dice, get the characters instantly.) I thought that was super neat, so I thought I'd do some work on the GUI and see what we could come up with. :)
Vemri Sprite
Just finished the next character sprite-- Vemri, the farmer. Not 100% on his clothes... He's an immigrant, so they are lacking the family embroidery that most folks would have, as well as the vest that adults generally wear. I may make adjustments to the clothes, but we'll see. 

Vemri is from the Boar providence, where he comes from a long line of soldiers. During his service, he was an archer and possibly operated artillery. (Not yet sure what their technology level is with war machines.) He was never gung-ho about the whole "murder people for money" business, and the fact that his younger brother was super stoked about it just brought more attention to how much he didn't fit in. 

The Boar providence also has very different cultural standards compared to the rest of Ivea-- while everywhere else, polyamory is very common and noble families practice more political adoption than political marriages, the Boar nation puts a very strong emphasis on reproductive monogamy. Non-heterosexual orientations are not seen as a character flaw in an individual, but in most circumstances they are considered to be unlucky as it can be hard to find a reproductively compatible partner. 

Younger siblings have an easier time, as each older sibling pledges to have a child for their younger siblings if they are unable to on their own. A young queer person with an older sibling who is willing to give them a child is more likely to be accepted when marrying a non-reproductive partner. However, Vemri is both asexual and the eldest sibling. His unwillingness to marry and have children caused even more friction between him and his family. 

Because of this, when he suffered a severe head injury, leading to the loss of sight in one of his eyes, he opted to flee the country, deserting his post rather than face the fate which would likely be thrust upon him. (Either being transferred to the infantry due to loss of depth perception or pressured into an arranged marriage.)

He chose to settle down in the Wolf region because of their generally accepting attitude towards travelers, and communal approach towards land ownership. The supplies he stole during his escape would last longer if he did not have to purchase land or a home. He found an unused plot of land in X town and decided to take up farming. 
Parents of Autistic Trans Children Banner
A lot of parents were requesting to join a group for autistic trans folk that I help run, which is not open to allies as it is a support group. There were enough parents, and it seems there wasn't already a group out there, so I made a new one. 

The idea is to have a group that is run and moderated by autistic trans people, where parents of autistic and/or trans kids can come to learn and ask for help finding resources for their children. My goal is to help increase interaction between autistic/trans adults and parents of autistic/trans children, so that they can learn how to help honor their children's agency and engage respectfully with them regarding their marginalizations. 

Recently, I've heard some folks calling autistic LGBT+ folk "double rainbow" because there is a rainbow in the autism spectrum symbol and in the LGBT+ flag, so I ran with that in the image. There's a big rainbow for autism, and another rainbow under it in the trans flag colors. Lastly, there's a group of people in varying ages standing under the double rainbow, representing the autistic/trans children, and the community of both autistic/trans adults and parents who support them.
Teal Sprite
Alright, finally finished this character sprite-- I actually drew  him a loooong time ago (similar to Aeth, he was originally a character in a Ryuutama campaign we did) but only adapted him into the correct game format now. Next I will have to do his twin sister/sibling. (Undecided on if she is non-binary or just gender non-conforming.)

He also has a tail, but I'm undecided on whether I want to have tails appear in the character sprites or not. Just adding different ear positions is quite a lot of work, but I feel that tails can be added on a layer completely behind everything else (unlike the ears which are behind bangs and in front of other hair/clothing) and ergo might be pretty easy. We shall see...

Fun Fact: He is Aeth's ex, and they did not part on good terms.
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So, my old username (daikiraikimi) has stuck around with me for a very, very long time. I made it back in middle school, when I was just learning Japanese and was having a hard time emotionally. After making it on the fly, I never had a reason to change it, since most folks didn't know what it meant anyhow. 

However, my last year of high school, my sensei gave my email address, complete with username, to my host family upon my return. I was horrified, partly because I was not asked, and partly because my host mother's name was "Kimi" so it was actually *much* worse than even the default. 

I ended up making a second email, with a more professional name. I've tried many times over the years to change my username, but it just never stuck. This new username, noienan, is partly based off of my real life middle name. I changed it a bit to make it more usernameish, but I think this one will stick. 

Just posting this here so anyone who comes looking for me knows I'm still here, just going through a small rebranding, haha. Thanks for your support!


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