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Orthrus Sprite
One of the love interests who comes to the player in order to help his younger sister start her transition. Their parents were merchants, and when the two were little they would travel with the caravan. One trip, his little sister was too ill to travel, and he stayed behind to care for her. They never came back. As an adult, he became a member of the town guard.
Mikael Sprite
Mikael is another doctor who operates in town, though he specializes in surgery instead of medicine-making. He moved to this town in order to study under Master Elaine-- she routinely would get would-be understudies only to send them away with impossible tasks. Instead of giving up after failing to do the impossible, he took each of her tasks and learned from them, eventually coming back with results she could approve of. 

He comes off as a very kind and caring person, making him very popular in town. In truth, he isn't necessarily more kind than usual, but the misconception makes his job easier and he doesn't mind. He gives off an "older brother" feel, but he is actually the youngest sibling in his family.

He grew up in Harvest City, learning a great deal from the libraries that his family had for generations kept after. In his youth, he he studied and excelled at a great number of trades, only to move right along to the next one. He finally settled on the medical profession after repeated visits with his brother, who had been juggling physical transition with pregnancy and birth. He started studying the field, and found it challenging and engaging, causing him to finally settle down. 
Apothecary Game: Calendar Widget
Remade the calendar overlay for my game to fit the new textbox. Instead of green, I used a golden yellow to accent it, fitting with the sunny shades I'm using for the time of day pie slices. I have five times of day, sunrise, morning, afternoon, sunset, and night. Each time of day, except night, has a color on a gradient that represents it, and that "pie slice" lights up to show the time of day. All of the day chunks are faded out at night time. 

In the middle of the calendar there is a dark circle that shows the current moon phase. (This screenshot shows the waxing crescent.) Lastly, the text for Sunday lights up in gold to show that shops are closed that day. I may not keep this in the final game-- I'd considered totally remaking the calendar so this world had its own unique days of the week, months, etc. but that just seems like it might be overly complicated for no reason.
Apothecary Game: Textbox
It's been a while since I was able to work on my game. I whipped up a textbox. I wanted something simple that wouldn't distract too much from the rest of the screen. I haven't finished programming it, but ideally when I'm done it will scale according to your screen resolution. 

You can ignore the text, I just needed to add filler so I could make sure the textbox was filling out okay, lol.
Apothecary Game: Herbs 1-20
I've been slowly drawing more and more of these starting in January, and figured I'd upload the first batch of 20 herbs. 

I've been doing a lot of research on herbs, but it's hard to pick which ones to include or not. I got so caught up in doing research on the types of herbs, what environment they grew in, where they were traded, how they've evolved, which remedies have evidence behind them and which are cultural, etc. that I was finding it impossible to start planning even the most basic of craft ideas. I got trapped in an executive dysfunction feedback loop. 

To help me get out of that, I just found a random list of herbs used by the Romans and started drawing them, haha. I know I'll likely have to go through these once I'm done and pick out which are local versus which have to be traded for, take some out and add more, etc.

My first few icons I drew were heavily chibified, and since then I've been going back and forth on how deformed they will be. Before I make anything final, I'll need to standardize that better. Figure out if I want one image to represent the icon and a different one for the on-screen harvest buttons, etc. 

But for now, I've at least got some basics I can start on, and it gives me something to design the crafting system with. As long as I have something as a base, I can do the programming and just swap out the fixed herb list later. 

Anywho! So these are the first 20 herbs I've got. I have a few more drawn, but I'll upload them in a batch once I have the next 20.
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So, my old username (daikiraikimi) has stuck around with me for a very, very long time. I made it back in middle school, when I was just learning Japanese and was having a hard time emotionally. After making it on the fly, I never had a reason to change it, since most folks didn't know what it meant anyhow. 

However, my last year of high school, my sensei gave my email address, complete with username, to my host family upon my return. I was horrified, partly because I was not asked, and partly because my host mother's name was "Kimi" so it was actually *much* worse than even the default. 

I ended up making a second email, with a more professional name. I've tried many times over the years to change my username, but it just never stuck. This new username, noienan, is partly based off of my real life middle name. I changed it a bit to make it more usernameish, but I think this one will stick. 

Just posting this here so anyone who comes looking for me knows I'm still here, just going through a small rebranding, haha. Thanks for your support!


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Yes, there is a lot of free code that folks have put out for Ren'Py. I put a decent collection into a "quickstart guide" here:…;

I've also seen a decent amount of folks do turn-based combat, though that code is not always free. The Creative Commons of the lemmasoft forums has a lot of good resources, I recommend checking it oug. 
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